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Stuart Riley

June 6th, 1957 - February 8th, 2022
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It is with great sorrow to inform you that Stuart Donald Riley (Stu) passed away on February 8, 2022 at the age of 64.

Stu is survived by his children Tess (Kyle) and Shaun as well as his mother Burling Riley (Hansen), sisters Sheryl (Dave), Diane (Art) and brother Jeff (Tina). He was predeceased by his father Donald Riley.

Stuart was born in Vancouver in 1957 and grew up in North Burnaby. Stu’s outgoing, friendly and kind personality meant that he enjoyed the company of many close friends and stayed connected long after school years with many. Throughout his life, Stu supported many friends on their own journey in recovery and his loss will be felt by many who were lucky enough to cross his path.

Stuart had many passions and interests throughout his life which often included being in the great outdoors. He loved to go camping, hit the slopes skiing, hike, kayak, golf, and mountain bike. Stu spent many of his formative years during the summer with friends and family at Cultus Lake and Madeira Park whenever possible. In the winter, Stu escaped to Cypress Mountain often to ski and enjoy the fresh air. Golfing was a stress relief and a chance to catch up with friends on the green which Stu enjoyed frequently.

Stu spent the majority of his career in the heavy machinery and hydraulics industries. In later years his focus was sales which afforded him the opportunity to travel throughout the province and beyond. Stu thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interacting with numerous people on his journeys, many of whom became long-term customers and friends. He never felt his job was selling, but building great relationships. Stu delighted in the opportunity to catch up with his clients and customers on his visits.

Stu was not shy sharing about his children, who he loved tremendously and was so very proud of. Stu found joy in participating in their passions, from horseback riding with Tess to biking and hiking with Shaun. As his children grew up, he was always ready to help and provide support the best way he knew how.

A celebration of Stu’s life will be held in April, details will be shared via Social Media closer to the date. In lieu of flowers please consider making an in memoriam donation  to your local KidSport chapter to help ensure children have the chance to experience sport and the outdoors the way Stuart loved to.


Susan Edington
February 18th, 2022
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I remember Stu as the guy in high school that was the laid back sweet pea. He has a wicked, dry sense of humor and always made me laugh. He was always kind to me.
At about 2013 he threw out a message on social media, looking for someone to ski with. Because it was Stu, I said to my husband “so… you have a problem with me going to ski with a guy that I have not seen for 45 years, and really have no idea who he is now?” My husband asked if I felt safe doing that, to which I responded, of course! Its Stu. I responded to Stu, and so began a close re-kindling of friendship. It was great, getting to know each other again. He was always ready to pick me up, and deliver me home. During these times, we talked about everything, life, kids, marriage, divorce, accomplishments, regrets and more importantly, how did we ever get this old???
One day while on the chairlift he instructed me to his “jammer kit” in a dedicated pocket in his ski jacket. I was shocked, and said “ oh for god’s sake we are waaay to young for that! Little did I know what was to come. His kit included contact information for Judy, and his children. He was so very proud of his children. In hindsight……. .
I soon discovered that Stu had a sweet tooth. Especially for Nanaimo bars. So at the beginning of every ski season, I would make them from scratch, individually wrap them, and store them in the freezer. These were for Stu, much to my husbands regret. Every time we went skiing he would get two. The first was doled out when he picked me up, the second when he dropped me at home.
We fit back into each other lives like an old glove. One of the last things he did say to me, was how we could not talk for months (the summer) then just pick up where we left off like a day had not passed. He talked about how much he loved his outdoors, and how worried he was that he would be restricted in his activities moving forward.
The day after he passed, I had prior arrangements to go skiing. Couldn’t do it. Not without you my friend, it was too soon. Hopefully the next time I go buddy, you will be there with me, I will carry you on my shoulder. You always have a spot there, but you knew that. I miss you so much, and cherish the times we had together.

John Jones
February 18th, 2022

Stu is a great friend. I am blessed to have shared time with him. Whether exploring nature, torturing each other on the golf course, or sharing a meal, we shared numerous triumphs and trials. Honest when sharing opinions and experiences, he did so with love and compassion. Truly his greatest love was for his children.

February 17th, 2022

I feel so very fortunate to have spent a few pleasant hours reconnecting with this great human. He will be remembered.
Safe travels Stu.
Mur & Shan

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