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Nita Osmack

September 24th, 1929 - February 5th, 2023
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In loving memory of Natalka “Nita” Osmack who passed away on February 5th, 2023. Born in Alberta on the family homestead she grew up working on the farm, but moved into the "Big City" of Edmonton where she became an entrepreneur--owning and operating a chain of beauty parlors. She lived a full and wonderful life, living at home until passing away suddenly and peacefully at the Peach Arch Hospital at the age of 93. She will forever be missed and is survived by her son, Tremain; her daughter-in-law, Diane; her two granddaughters, Natalka and Talia (and husband Troy); along with her brother, Ed, and several nieces and nephews.  The memory of her love and kindness towards her family will live on in all of our hearts.


Jeannette Poulin
March 2nd, 2023

My brother Gene and I were deeply saddened when Tremain called us to say that Aunt Nita had passed away so suddenly. Aunt Nita was such a strong lady and I assumed she would be with us many more years. We had been communicating by telephone for quite some years while I was living in Toronto. It was always nice to hear her cheery voice while reminiscing about the family and bringing each other up to date on our present life.
I have many fond memories from my younger childhood years before Aunt Nita, Uncle Peter and Tremain moved from Edmonton to B.C. Aunt Nita and Uncle Peter would pick
me up from my Grandparents, the Osmacks who lived in Mundare and bring me with them to Aunt Nita’s parent’s to spend the the day at their farm. Also another memory
Was when my brother Gene and I would visit Aunt Nita and Tremain who was then a toddler spending the day with them which also provided Tremain a couple of older playmates for the afternoon. This too was very thoughtful of Aunt Nita who was also
giving our mom who was ill at the time a chance to rest up a bit.
Over the more recent years I have been able to visit the Tanner-Osmack household a
number of times visiting with Aunt Nita, Tremain, Diane and Natalka , Talia and Troy
when they have been in town. I’ve truly enjoyed this time spent with them and the special time with Aunt Nita. I especially enjoyed the time we spent together during Talia and Troy’s wedding. Aunt Nita and I had some nice one on one time together while the family was doing the wedding photo’s before the wedding ceremony. Beautiful
memories. Aunt Nita will be greatly missed by all who loved her. Tremain, Diane and the girls and all their four legged family created a warm, loving home for Aunt Nita , just as she when she was younger had provided for them.
I’m wishing Aunt Nita and all of the the family God’s Blessings. I know too that she is smiling down on all of us right now and will continue to do so.
P.S. As my brother Gene said, we will miss that cheerful voice on the telephone.

Mary Ann Quail
February 28th, 2023
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Tremain and family,

The loss of someone so dear to you surely leaves a hole in your heart and an aching that you feel will never heal. Let the good memories of your loved one live on in your heart and with the passage of time, healing will come and peace will abide with you.

The remembrances of Nita shared here certainly are a testimony to a beautiful soul who touched the lives of many through her great love, passionate care for family and her outstanding hospitality. My personal memories of Nita echo these themes as well.

Our family’s visit to your home in Prince George in the early ‘70’s was a huge highlight of that summer trip. Your folks welcomed us and made us feel right at home. In the late ‘70’s, I enjoyed a road trip from Exshaw to Vancouver with your Uncle, Ed Sorochan and his family. I remember some great meals that Nita whipped up for us. The conversation around the table was always lively and no one left the table hungry. Your mom was in her glory!

Expo ‘86 must have been a busy summer for you all 🙂, with many visitors. Once again we enjoyed the outstanding hospitality that your mom was so famous for!! Mom, Dad, Uncle Pete, Gordy and I made the trek to Vancouver to see the World’s Fair that year. Every time I think of that trip I enjoy a belly-jiggling laugh as I recall Nita & I waiting up into the wee hours of the morning, stricken with worry at the time, as Mom, Dad & Uncle Pete never showed up on the last bus home. Finally, we got in the car and went out looking. We found them walking, pretty much beat after a long day at the fair. Turns out it was a mistranslation of Joe Merlone’s detailed notes on how to get to and from the fair via the public transit system… good grief!!

And more recently, I am so thankful that you opened your home to Josh and me in the summer of 2019. It was so wonderful to see you all, and I really enjoyed my visits with Nita during that time. Reflecting on the years gone by, we laughed and cried together. I truly appreciate the opportunity to have made a few more memories with loved ones to keep close in my heart, no matter the miles between us.

Sending much love, many hugs, and prayers for peace. God be with you till we meet again.

Mary Ann

Natalka Tanner
February 21st, 2023

As Talia so eloquently said, it feels surreal you’re gone. You’ve always physically been there, and quite honestly it felt like you always would be. You always wanted the best for us and prayed for us endlessly. I know your prayers are still there, but now will come as an angelic guidance for the rest of our journey.
Thank you for always asking how we’re doing in life and for all the love and memories we got with you throughout our lives. You ensured everything was always “even stevens” and fair between Talia and I. You made sure we knew how to prepare traditional Ukrainian food, taught us how to French braid hair, and ran after us many times when we didn’t want to put socks on our feet in the winter time. I will continue to cherish spending hours watching the “Young and the Restless” with you even when it was “trash tv” of the time…and still is. I won’t be able to come across WWE wrestling or those bulk bin scotch mints without thinking about you. Thank you for loving us girls and your family so fiercely in your own way. I hope you know how much we love you too.
Thank you for the hummingbird to let Talia and I know you’re ok. Love you very much.

Your little Natalichka

February 21st, 2023


It is still so hard to process that you are gone. I cannot thank you enough for all the years of love and support you gave to me from a young girl until your last moments. Thank you for always believing in me and having me in your prayers, wanting nothing but the best for both Natalka and I. I will keep our memories close to my heart and will try to continue to make you proud throughout my life. I am forever grateful that you raised and gave me the best Dad a daughter could ever ask for. All of your hard work and sacrifices never went unnoticed. I wish I was able to be by your side at your last moments but I am grateful I was able to talk to you one last time. I will forever cherish all of our time we got to share together. I love you so much; until we meet again.


February 19th, 2023
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It seems to me, if you were blessed to know Nita, then you were certainly on the receiving end of love, hospitality and her good cooking. I will truly miss Nita. In this sad time, I find comfort in that I have a vision of her and my Mom together again. As cousins, they forged a lasting friendship. A friendship that neither time nor distance could sever. Our phone conversations over these last 5 years almost always included a story of her and my Mom. And it always started with her saying “oh how I miss Elsie”. And of course, Mom had her stories to us girls about her and Nita. And what was so wonderful about that, was many of their stories were of different times that they experienced together. Which to me, painted a more wonderful and complete picture of their lives.
To me, Nita had such a beautiful and caring voice, and I can hear her now, as if she was next to me; “Hello dear, this is Nita, how have you been doing?” I will miss our phone calls. I will miss her presence. I feel so very blessed to have known Nita and I will always cherish my memories of her.
Sending love and my heartfelt sympathy to all.

Phil Schumacher
February 15th, 2023

Summers spent at Aunty Nita’s place were among the best times I had growing up. After the long car rides between Okotoks and Surrey with the entire family jammed in the car (or the tandem trips with Mom and I), we would always arrive to Aunty Nita’s place with big hugs and an immediate sense of love and peacefulness. Aunty Nita along with our Grandma (Helen Smith) were always that “Rock” for us, that solid foundation, that place you can always go for help, conversation and peace when peace is needed. As kids, we would naturally roam around the area of Surrey\White Rock and come home to Aunty Nita’s place with multiple injuries from hanging out at the pier all day or building tree forts with the local kids and stepping on rusty nails (Paula), best times ever. From the crab boils in that legendary kitchen to hanging out with the Tanners, we always had Aunty Nita to thank for all of these wonderful memories and the love she gave us.

I love you very much Aunty Nita, you are dearly missed and will always hold a giant place in my heart.


Kimberly Pagano
February 13th, 2023
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Expo '86 Vancouver British Columbia. Laura and I set out from SoCal in Aunty Mary's 1979 yellow Mazda RX7. We were joined by two other close friends; Alyson and Tina. We drove up and stayed with Aunty Nita (and Pavy) for the weekend while we visited the Expo in the summer of 1986. The trip has fond memories for us especially Aunty Nita's home cooking and loving hospitality. She looked after us as a mother would, all the while making sure we had a good map of directions for the visit downtown each day. Each night we would trek back home to Aunty Nita's house to be taken car of. For a short time, this was OUR home away from home. Thank you Aunty Nita for the memories. We will never forget them. Love Kim and Laura (the Twins)
Attached is a picture from that trip: Raye, Aunty Nita and myself (Kim)

Bill Simpson
February 11th, 2023

My loving Aunt Nita

There are so many fond memories I have of my Aunt Nita. Growing up as a child Nita was special to me, "my favourite Aunt" - loving and caring to both my sister (Raye) and myself.

As a young adult or teenager my Aunt Nita was thoughful and interested in everything about us and there for support and encouragement at different times for us.

I have so many fond memories of Nita and the travel trips we went on with Tremain and Pete. They were wonderful events during a wonderful time and period of my life. I recall fabulous, delicious meals Nita made and Nita was a wonderful and gracious host to all.

Nita was also a wonderful person to travel with on the numerous journeys we did. I will always rember my Aunt Nita as kind,loving and caring.

The world has lost another Angel and she is now in the Kingdom of Heaven with her beloved sisters.

Nita may you rest in Peace. Love Billy

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