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Monette Ledesma

March 18th, 1962 - January 1st, 2023
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Agnes H. Maranan
March 19th, 2023

Dear Monette —

I only learned of your passing now: you were mentioned in the Radyo Katipunan mass..

Was so very sorry to hear this. You helped a lot of us in law school, with your fantastic case digests. Your mom and mine were friends from college in STCM.. another link.

My condolences to Angio, your kids, and your family. My prayers always

Tony La Viña
February 4th, 2023

Tony La Viña
January 1
Thank you Monette Ledesma! We have known each other for forty years, from the time you joined the Jesuit Volunteers (Batch 3) in June 1982 and I from Batch 2 served as your orientation staff in CDO. And what a friendship it has been, including the years we were in UP Law together (for three years, until you graduated one year ahead of me in 1988), when we would sit down every afternoon and gossip about everyone in the library steps. It became a habit to wait with you while you were waiting to be picked up.
You and Chula made me fall in love with Zamboanga and Ateneo de Zamboanga. It’s one reason I teach there now. I always tell my students about my two friends who grew up in Zambo and worked in ADZU.
We followed each other as you went to the Court of Appeals, met Angio (sobra kilig mo), left for Canada, and raised daughters. We stayed in touch through viber even as you followed all my talks, including the latest one with the Philippine Judges Association.
I am glad we saw each other one last time in 2019. That was nice! I thought it would not be the last because you were so vibrant, chismosa pa rin, happy.
We shared our sorrows, like the deaths of our mothers last year. And of course our illnesses.
Nauna ka Monette. And wow, how you were such a good example of how to suffer in joy! When I told you I had prostate cancer, you immediately made sure to share your knowledge and experience in dealing with this affliction.
Monette, maraming salamat! Muchisimas Gracias, amiga!
Nuestra Señora del Pilar, pray for Monette!

FB Messages & Tributes
February 2nd, 2023

Raymund Cobankiat
Condolences, Angio. Keeping Monette and all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Gabe Pedrosa
She touched so many lives and will be sorely missed. Thanks for including us, Angio and family.

Pradeep Bowry
May you & the family remain comforted by The Most High’s Grace .. You are in our thoughts my Brother Angio✝️

Allen Espejo
Our sincere condolence to you Angio and family. We pray for the soul of Monette. She will be missed.

Luzviminda Jimenez
Again we had witness Monnete's movement thru her kindness and love to people ..She will be always be remembered in our heart ... prayers for immediate healing to all of you Angio, Illana, Enzo , Louisa and family members ...Take care 💞

Monette Ceniza
May she rest in peace. Praying for your family’s comfort, Angio.

Joselito Navarro
Abrazos Angio contigo y tu entero familia

Joevic Climaco

Ethel Covarrubias Toledo
Sorry, Angio. No hay yo puede atende. Man bawi ya lng yo na March.we continue to pray for the repose of her soul ... for you and your fam as you cope with your loss... God bless🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻!

Joseph Rhodore Baldovino Domingo
Our family prays that God grants you all comfort in your time of sorrow and strength going forward. Ateng Monette loved the lord and we know that her prayers will continue to surround you now and forevermore.🙏🙏🙏

Corrie Purisima
Condolences Angio… 😞🙏

Dom Limcolioc
This contagious smile of Sis.Monette will always stay in our hearts.I’ll always pray MAY SHE REST IN PEACE.

Joevi Ramos

Anna Sanchez Bue
Condolence Angio..

Gina Paderes Styler
Our viber group will no longer be complete without Monette, but we gained an Angel in heaven to be with us always.😇

Jovit Moya

Greg Manalac
Tita Monette will always remain in my heart. I will never forget her smile and always-positive attitude. I thank you for having the livestream this past Saturday. REST IN PEACE

Ronee Juanengo
So sorry for your loss 😢 My sincerest condolences and deepest sympathies. Praying that the Lord's love and gift of eternal salvation comfort you and your family. God bless you all. 🙏💕💖

Dudi Cruz
We will always love you Monette 😭💕🙏

Daisy Cervero Otto
My sympathy to u Angio n ur kids . Prayers for ur family n Monettes eternal rest . Take care my friend

Fe Rita L. Tolentino
GOD's prayers of comfort and strength contigo Angio, a very loving husband even to your wife's Monette demise state🌿⚘️

Reyes Maf
Thank you for generously sharing Monette with us. She is truly unforgettable.

Romeo Raul Valles
Brod, get over soon.

Rommel 'Meng' Agan
My deepest condolences bro. Prayers promised.

Kiko Fajardo
January 31st, 2023

Monet and Angio, I remember the warmth of your smile and presence when you and your family visited us in our home several years back. Our prayers for our Lord's warm embrace to your family and a big thank you for the great memories. Kiko, Marit, Paolo, Doro

GG Francisco
January 21st, 2023

Monettle, ikaw talaga...even in the discomfort of your last years, you were always cheerful, smiling, radiant with love. You loved many of your friends and many more loved you back. Rest in peace my dear friend. We will all miss you! Sincerest condolences to Angio and the rest of the family.

Menchu Hernandez-Kliparch
January 18th, 2023

I did not talk to Monette during our college years. I remember seeing her around campus with some people I knew but we never had an occasion to get to know each other then. Fast forward to Dec 2008 when we had a get-together with some admu coll’82 batchmates and I talked to Monette for the first time. I soon found out that Monette doesn’t make acquaintances. She only makes friends. She opens her heart and whole life right up to you right on your first conversation. She and her family moved to Burnaby where I live so we had many more occasions to connect and share experiences.

When Monette was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer, batchmates from different parts of the world came to visit her in Vancouver. The effort that her friends made to see her is a testament to the depth of their friendships. We would have a admu coll’82 get-togehther every time we had a visiting batchmate in town. Some of us had not seen each other since our college days. I often thought of Monette as a magnet that pulls us all together. Together, we became familiar with Turkish food because we often met at the Turkish restaurant close to Monette’s place.

Whenever I think of Monette, I remember her beaming and radiant smile. She always found something to laugh about and to be grateful about. The grace and dignity with which she carried herself through the last few years is admirable and awe-inspiring. Rest in Peace, Monette! We will miss you.

Mary June Bugante
January 18th, 2023
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Monette, your thoughfulness, your infectious smile and your strong determination is what I will remember most about you. Pati believe gid ko sa imo nga memory kay pati birthday sang utod ko ma remember mo pa gid. Pirmi ka ga message sa akon kag naga Ilonggo gid. It is your way to remind me not to forget our roots even if we grew up in Zamboanga.

Thank you for the friendship. I know you are happy where you are now- in God’s embrace. I am sharing this picture of you and Sister Berns, when you last met afywr years of not seeing each other. I am sure is part of the welcome committee when you arrived in heaven.

Rest now with our Lord, Monette.

Monica Ramirez
January 16th, 2023

I will miss Monette, her laughter, wit and humour. But I thank God for blessing my life with her genuine friendship. Her strong and deep faith helped her remain joyful and positive throughout her illness.
Praying for your eternal rest and happiness, dear Monette.

January 16th, 2023
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My deepest condolences. Ever grateful for Monette and how she went out of her way to see me here in LA while we were both receiving treatment. Godspeed, Monette. Love and prayers.❤️🙏🏼

Rolly Ancheta
January 15th, 2023
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Monette is a vary simple yet profound person I know. Our YVR group will miss her! Never fails to send personal messages and greetings!! Rest in eternal peace my friend!!

Ikey Cuyegkeng
January 15th, 2023

While we hardly knew each other in Ateneo, I felt a kindred spirit when we reconnected in Vancouver. You had an easy, infectious smile and were always ready to offer a helping hand when our daughter was starting at UBC. Even in your illness, you never failed to share a laugh or a prayer.
My consolation is that you are no longer in pain and that you now reside in Heaven, but most importantly, that I did have the privilege to know you, even briefly, in this earthly, imperfect life.
Eternal Rest in His Perpetual Light, dear Monette.

Tina Gonzalez
January 14th, 2023

Continuing to pray for you Monette that you are now radiant with joy in the company of all the angels and Saints in the presence of God Almighty🙏🙏🙏 Say hello to our dear St. Joseph - and praying we will see each other again in God's time🕊🙏💐

Net Villanueva
January 14th, 2023

Rest in peace Monette. My prayers with you

Mimee Yadao-Sison
January 13th, 2023

Included the Eternal Repose 🙏 of Monette’s Soul in our 6am Mass today January 11, 2023 at Holy Spirit Parish ⛪️ BF Homes, QC. May God grant her eternal rest and peace in heaven 🌟! We will always remember you with fondness and love & for ne, sisterly amusement whenever I would update you with juicy goings on here in Manila.

January 13th, 2023

There are no words for what I am feeling now. There is profound grief on the loss of a very dear friend in my life, and, there is also the peace of certainty that she has gone ahead to meet me there in heaven. You are such a beautiful soul Monette. When you keep watching over your beloved Angio and your most treasured children, remember also your TFFs. Goodbye, till we meet again. May our Lady intercede for us, so that, in this moment of unspeakable grief, we may receive the grace to honor, praise, obey and love the Will of God.

January 13th, 2023

Hende gayot yo olvida contigo.

Jo-jo Perlas-Quiray
January 12th, 2023

Dearest Monette,
I am really going to miss our messages back and forth. Who’s going to ask me to send pictures from the Aegis yearbook? These past few years after we reconnected via Viber have been fun.
You are the most unselfish, kind, thoughtful and funny person I have ever met. The original chismosa (not unlike myself) always with the best scoop on people even though we were miles apart. You brought people together, you reconnected our psych class and for that I am truly grateful. With your guidance from above, help me inspire our class to do the Camino walk for you, you promised to be our spiritual guide. That promise to walk for you will not be crossed off my bucket list until I fulfill it.
My heart goes out to your family, Angio, Lorenzo, Llana, Luisa, you son and daughter in law and your beautiful grandchildren, Callum and Ethan. They now have their own angel watching over them.
The one consolation I have is that you are no longer in pain. I will miss your Viber messages but I do realize that you are still with us, smiling and laughing.
Till we meet again, I love you, my friend ❤️
Jo-jo PQ

Butch Meily
January 11th, 2023

Dear Monette,

You were always sweet, kind and caring from the moment I met you. I didn’t have the chance to see you for the past few years but your constant messages kept our relationship and all the good memories warm and alive. I will miss you. Thank you for being the special kind of person you were.
Love always,

Vina Ledesma
January 10th, 2023

We will truly miss such a wonderful, intelligent, prayerful and caring Aunt, a special person who sees the good in everyone. Even in your battle with cancer you have seen hope and goodness in your walk. You will continue to be an inspiration and message of hope for all of us, till we see each other again

Maria Socorro Mangila-Ngu
January 10th, 2023

Prayer for Eternal (The Requiem Prayer)
Eternal rest grant unto our dear friend and sister Maria Ramona 'Monette' Ledesma, O Lord. Let perpetual light shine upon her.
And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace!

Monette, you are a gift to us who had the privilege to know you and enjoy your wit, humour, and profound faith. I really wanted to see you in person but I understand and respect your final wishes for privacy and spiritual moments. Know that I will treasure those moments we had, kwentuhan, laughter, expressions of gratitude, critical analysis, etc. Descansa ya tu! Ojala man mirahan kita na otro vida! Vaya con Dios!

Profound condolence to Monette's nuclear family: Angio, Llana, Enzo (should be Angio Jr - carbon copy di Angio), Luisa, members of her extended families and all those who continue to love her for the beautiful person that she was and will continue to be in loving memories she left in our minds and hearts. I am just a text/phone call/email or viber away if there is anything I can do to keep Monette's shining light vibrant. Perhaps a scholarship in her honour. I can help fundraise for this. Gran abrazo!

Nestor Balce
January 10th, 2023

Dear Monette --- Wow your escort to heaven is Pope Benedict. You are so loved.
You were always my father's favorite, and my mother always prays for you. Your sharp Monette-mind is legendary in our family.
Thank you for being a wonderful sister-in-law ... always finding the funny silver lining in complicated situations. I could always trust you to send us some wisdom or occasional hilarity in uncomfortable situations. Plus, you always remind us of the spiritual work we need to take care of in this life. You also never failed to flash that bright smile for family and for everyone, before and despite your sickness. I will miss that.
My best memory of you - is that you are truly the human equivalent of "Facebook" --- you always made all degrees of connections with people and places. You could have easily won a political race in the Philippines or Canada, because of the number of people who are connected and want to be connected with you. Thank you for inspiring us to see the best in people, and become better people. You will always be in our prayers.

Rose Franco
January 10th, 2023

Monette, thank you for the opportunity of being your friend. Pray for us as we pray for you. We will miss you. .

Gino Cruz
January 10th, 2023

Monette always had a smile and always did things with love and kindness in her heart. I will miss sharing our little moments with her. “Everyday is a Blessing.” Love you dear cousin! I’m glad I got to tell you that many times.

Michelle Lebajo
January 10th, 2023

Verily we belong to Allah and verily to Him do we return.

With sympathy and love from Michelle (Mimi) Lebajo and husband.

January 10th, 2023

Dear Monette,
Thank you for inspiring me to be a member of CLC, JVP. The life-long deep values we learn from these communities help us navigate through life’s challenges.

Thank you for showing us the endurance in living with any physical illness and trusting God despite the pain.
Pray for us too as we we continue to pray for you.
Thank you for reaching out and sharing your calm way of navigating your struggle with cancer. I didn’t know that you are a “Sharon fan” like me, so that was cool that you shared with me about her greetings for you.
To the loving family members of Monette, thank you for sharing her with us! Your calm and perseverance help us value life and love. 🙏

With gratitude,

January 10th, 2023

First time I met Monette , I already saw her kindness and warmth to people , her smile is infectious and funny stories are continuous .. no bored moments with her .

I loved this woman for her bright ideas and principles in life .. She is such a loving mother always happy to talk about the excellence of her children ..

Monette, We may have few moments together but your memories and big smile will stay in our heart ❤️ .. Rest In Peace in the hands of the Lord .. 🙏🙏🙏

Alan Alambra
January 9th, 2023

Monet, you will be dearly missed. I will forever treasure our (mostly hilarious) interactions in that fateful elective class with Jude and Peachy.

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