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Caryl Bliss

April 17th, 1940 - October 10th, 2022
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In Loving Memory ~

Our Loving Mother passed away peacefully on October 10 at Surrey Memorial Hospital at the age of 82 after developing complications from a fall and failing health.

Caryl had accomplished many great things in life as she was a gold seal Cosmetology / Esthetics, and herbalists’ and dietician in health and beauty for many years.

Caryl was predeceased by her father, Bernard Jones and her mother Joan Jones. She will be remembered by those who loved her dearly. Her sons Kurt and Doug, daughter-in-law’s Shannon and Linda. Her grandchildren Skyler, Patrick, Jason and Christopher. Her sister Christine(George). She will also be greatly missed by her family in the great UK, the Dreger’s side of the family as well as many cousins, nieces and nephews that she loved.

She will be missed by close friends; Wendi who has gone above and beyond by all measures in aiding and assisting my mother, and many others who have helped her and have shown kindness.  

"Past her suffering, past her pain,
Cease to weep, for tears are vain;
She who suffered is at rest,
Gone to heaven with the blest"
We love you Mom may you now rest in peace without pain.


Kurt Bliss
October 8th, 2023

April 17, 1940 – October 10, 2022
I miss you mom.


Dean Latchford
November 18th, 2022
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Dear Cousin, I didn't know you very well, though my Mum Joy, your Aunt, knew you better than most, particularly in your younger years.
You lived with Aunt Joy and the Lear family in Chingford, Essex, UK and she looked on you so lovingly, more like a big sister than Aunt.
Since then, your life has been spent mostly in Canada and the chances to see you have been few and far between, just twice in all those years I think but despite this, corresponding via airmail letters and more recently telephone, Aunt Joy always kept in touch, with me occasionally joining in and what a pleasure it was to speak with you, usually upbeat and funny, full of fun and yes.... Love, always such a lot of warmth and Love coming over those thousands of miles.
When Aunt Joy passed last February, the loss you felt was immense, it was so apparent from the phone calls we shared since then and although you told me you had a painful life with a number of health issues, you were so upbeat and funny, it was hard to believe you were REALLY ill. Then your Kurt got in touch and confirmed his Dear Mom really was ill, really was in pain and then of course, the worst news, that you were very soon to leave us and I had hardly got to know you.
Now you are sharing a Happy, pain free Heaven with Aunt Joy and what a reunion it must have been, so much Love between you, I can feel the warmth glowing in my heart.
Lots of Love Cous...Rest In Peace.

Christine Wreford
November 13th, 2022

My dear sister,
Oh Caryl, I think you would agree that we are both grieving for all those lost years when our lives took completely different directions. Unlike your Kurt, I spent my early years growing up with you, not knowing until I was 10 years old that we were half sisters. Our parents wanted us to be a united family and kept it from me as long as possible. You taught me how to Jive and listen to Elvis (constantly)... you baby sat me and took me to the movies. I remember we would sing together to the commercials on our tiny TV in the fifties.
I was disappointed when you didn't come with us to England in 1960. Although you were born in England you made Canada your home, I was Canadian but spent many years in England. You were the Brit with the Canadian accent, I was, and am the Canadian with the British accent. That is part of how bazarre our lives were. However, you have a star in Kurt, he has been a loving and caring son and you would be so proud of him. I hope to now stay in touch with him and I feel that you will be smiling about that. Maybe I can make up somewhat for our lost years. You were loved Caryl, by many, and at the end of it all, that love is all that matters. When my time comes and the Angels call out my name, I hope wholeheartedly that you will be there to greet me....and we can be a family again. All my love, your one and only sister, Christine. xxxx

Kurt Bliss
October 25th, 2022

Dear Mom,
Even though I never met you until later in my teenage years' I'm glad we were reunited. Your are my rock mom you always have been no matter what I was up to or where I was. You have taught me how to be a better person, a caring person. I will keep your memories close and within my heart. I used to always love to make you laugh no matter much pain you were in I knew if I could just make you smile and forget for just a moment in time the pain you had to endure. Your pain is no more, Your spirit is free, I love you mom always

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