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Alfred Schneider

April 27th, 1938 - April 6th, 2022
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Schneider, Alfred Ervin (April 27, 1938 - April 6, 2022)

Alfred Ervin Schneider, age 83, passed away on April 6th, 2022, just prior to his 84th birthday.
Al (Papa) is survived by his loving wife of 48 years, Mary Clarke and her children, plus their many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Alfred is also survived by his sisters, Marieanne and Marlene, his brother Ernie & (Gail), and nieces & nephews.
Al was predeceased by his father Ludwig, mother Natalie and brother Wilfred.

The simplest pleasures in life brought great joy to our Al & Papa.
After years of landscaping, he continued to enjoy puttering in the garden and the company of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Al and Mary ventured on many road trips together and enjoyed their trips to Palm Springs, Reno & Vegas, as well as their “Cross-Canada Trip” to P.E.I. In 2004, and then their “Across the USA Trip” in 2014.
Their most recent road trip was to Prince George last year to visit his sister, Marieanne.

Al was a talented, and respected “Professional Landscaper”, earning his Architectural Drafting & Landscaping Certificates/Diplomas at BCIT.
Al owned his own landscaping business, “Alfred Schneider Landscaping”, for over 60 years.
He specialized in Commercial and Residential Landscaping, and held memberships at various landscaping associations, including The Vancouver Parks Board.

Al’s forever love and devotion was for his wife Mary, however his passion for gardening was a close second. His legacy will forever live on in the hearts and minds of those who loved him.
The beauty of Al’s gardens will continue to be enjoyed by our families and future generations to come.

There will be no public service held.
Memories and condolences can be shared below.


May 5th, 2022

Al loved my Mother dearly and was devoted to her for 48 years. They were each other’s best friends. Most evenings they sat together in their room watching a show while holding hands. For that and so much more I am thankful.
Papa has been in my 4 Boys life’s since birth, as well, my 7 grandchildren; Al’s great-grandchildren. The grandkids asked “will Papa be at the party” as we prepared for his celebration of life. “Yes, he will be in your hearts”. Jett made him a placemat adorned with stickers and colourful clips.
A man of few words, however, when Al spoke his words were wise.
He taught me how to water plants when I was 12 years old; bored and angry that I had to “work” in the garden. Al said “make a well around the base of the tree. This allows the water time to soak to the roots”. I have never forgotten this simple teaching.
Integrity and honesty were Al’s qualities. He was a thinker; a calm quiet and gentle soul who when asked a question would ponder (for quite a while sometimes) until he resonated with a worthy response.
He takes with him, his love and knowledge of Landscaping and a piece of our hearts.
It is your time to rest Al. Stand tall in your beautiful garden. 🌷 We will forever think of you when the tulips bloom. 💐

Laura and family

Chelsea Holtz
April 30th, 2022
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Loss is never an easy thing, it’s times when we grieve that we remember some of the most beautiful memories of the ones we’ve loved. Since the first day we met you have always been so calm, kind, and loving. I remember telling you and Nana when I was pregnant with Rockwell and your face lit up. You gave me the biggest hug and told me that having more grandchildren is what you and Nana lived for, and you thanked me. So now I thank you. Thank you for being so loving to my children, thank you for being such a good man that my husband had his entire life to look to, and thank you for being a Papa to me. I will miss watching you with my kids, gardening with the little ones, picking blackberries, tomatoes, filling up water can after water can. Playing games with the older ones, always giving them sweets and goodies, and for all your talks with them, they will always be cherished. You had so much love for Nana, stood by her side thru so much, and fulfilled the shoes of a true, humble and hardworking man. Your garden will continue to grow in love.

I will miss you.

Beau, Keanna, Lennox, Jet
April 30th, 2022

We love you papa!
You were the most loved. We will continue to love you dearly. The kids miss you so much, you’ve had a profound effect on Lenny, Jett, and Theo. Jett talks about you everyday!

Zane Holtz
April 29th, 2022

Some of my fondest memories as a boy were visiting Nana and Papas house. Nana was always prepared with food and treats for her grandchildren and Papa provided a home to host them. Papa's garden was always endless and evolving. I have vivid memories of card games and chess and checkers. I am eternally grateful that Papa lived long enough to see me become a father and had the opportunity to form bonds with his great grandchildren. Ryder, London, Rockwell and Daisy all looked forward to coming to Canada in the summer and luckily we're also able to form similar memories with Nana and Papa. Papa was a loving and patient man. Like a true gardener and nurturer of life, the time he put in to his relationship with Nana and our extended family will continue to blossom for many years beyond his own. He will be dearly missed.

Love from Zane, Chelsea, Ryder, London, Rocky and Daisy

April 28th, 2022

My papa

Glenda Mantle
April 28th, 2022
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We will miss you Al…you’re the best “Papa” we could have ever wished for our boys. We’re so grateful that mom had your love & support in her life for all these years, and we’re so happy she shared you with our big family.
Lots of Love Jamie & Glenda Mantle

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