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Alana Elizabeth Vosper

January 18th, 1984 - June 17th, 2021
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Alana Elizabeth Vosper, 37, of Abbotsford, British Columbia, passed away quietly with her family around her on Thursday, June 17, 2021.

Alana was born on January 18, 1984 – a glorious and happy day for her parents – at Children Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. The daughter of Lydia and Dan Vosper.

Alana is cherished and loved by her family. She is kind, intelligent and practical by nature and fiercely loyal to those closest to her. Alana was particularly fond of felines, she loved to learn, puzzle, and spend time with those closest to her. Her excellent work ethic was paired with an incredible sense of humor. She had a loveable knack for capturing her moments in phrases like “The nighttime is the right time”; “Feel what you Feel” or if one of her siblings were being melodramatic, “it’s not all about you” (necessary on many occasions)

Alana loved spending time at lakes, Alouette, Sheridan, Cameron, or her special spots (like her mom) like White Cliff Park. She was a night person who loved nighttime Vancouver drives as well as watching meteor showers and star gazing in general.

Growing up, Alana was always accountable and responsible for her actions. She enjoyed the family get togethers of which she was a vital part, always helping to prepare the meals and get the ingredients. The last few years as arthritis made preparing family dinners difficult for her dad, she quietly made herself available when she realized he was having trouble. He did not have to ask - she was there to help however she could.

Alana was born into a role of leadership that she managed with tremendous patience, skill, and grace from childhood to her last word. All her siblings responded to her wisdom for guidance and advice. She was always there to council them through their issues: school, relationships, or life, drive them to their engagements or go get them when it was thought that would be better than disturbing mom and dad. Happy to further their close relationships from childhood into adulthood. The siblings are an integral part to each other’s lives. With Alana gone they will forge a new way forward using Alana’s thoughts and sayings as their guide.  This is our Alana. Kind, selfless, loving, and the leader of the “herd of destruction”. We miss her and always will. Her memory will burn bright in our hearts until our lives fade.

Walking this path with Alana was a privilege. She never complained. She focused on trying to alleviate the stress and pain of her parents, her siblings, and friends. Her actions are a profile in courage and her mother and her showed bravery beyond measure.  We value these actions for their significance in showing the way forward, to be caring and generous even as her life was slipping away.  This is truly courageous. The last word she spoke to her family was JOY.  We believe this was an instruction for us not to feel bitter and distressed at her passing but feel the JOY of life. We (She) wish this for all people.

Alana is preceded in death by, her Uncle William Bentley Vosper; her Aunt Kathleen Joy Hardy, Grand Parents; Myrtle and Jack Vosper and Georgina and Adolph Vran. Alana is survived by her parents Lydia and Dan Vosper, her sister Ashley Lilian and brother-in-law Andy Lee Roberts as well as her brothers John and William Vosper.

The world could use more Alana’s. She is, and will always be, missed beyond our ability to accept or express properly.

As was Alana’s wish there was no funeral. Alana was cremated on June 28, 2021.

Due to Covid we have not determined a time that we wish to commemorate Alana life. In lieu of flowers the family ask that you donate to Alana’s Legacy Training Bursary at – scroll to the bottom to find the donate button.


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