You Just Received the Cremains. Now What?

April 30th, 2022
You Just Received the Cremains. Now What?

While there are many exotic and unusual choices available for what can be done with cremains, most people receive their ashes and are not sure what to do with them. Not everyone leaves a will or last wishes, so the decision can fall on the family to decide. In today’s blog article, we will talk about the more common options.

If you have just received your loved one’s ashes, you may still be in shock. There is no hurry to do absolutely anything with them. You can take your box or urn and place it on a shelf or in a closet until you feel ready to decide what you’d like to do with them.


Some people elect to keep cremains at home with them, as a symbol of the person lost. The urn could go on a table next to some photos of your loved one. If you prefer, the ashes can go in another room where you will not see them every day.


Often cremains are buried in or near a family plot or mausoleum at a cemetery, or spread in a designated area there. The advantage of this is that family and friends will know where the ashes are if they want to come and pay their respects.

Dividing Ashes

In some families, different family members would like some of the cremains, and you can certainly divide them up. You may want to see if anything is mentioned in the late person’s will about what his or her wishes were.

Spreading Elsewhere

Aside from in a cemetery or family plot, ashes can be spread outside at home or at sea or wherever you wish as long as you follow the laws of your jurisdiction. You may want to travel with the ashes to another city or ship them to a relative. It is possible to both ship ashes and fly with them, but different rules apply in different areas.

Sometimes spreading ashes is combined with a celebration of life. This is something to consider depending on where you want to spread them and who will be in attendance. You have considerable freedom, and there is no hurry. Consider the wishes of the deceased and take your time.


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