Why Writing a Meaningful Tribute Can Help With Mourning

November 24th, 2023
Why Writing a Meaningful Tribute Can Help With Mourning

Writing a meaningful tribute for someone who has died can be very helpful to the person in mourning. There are several reasons for this, and that is what we will explore today in our blog article.


When you write a tribute, one that you can tell out loud at a funeral service or not, you are making a record of what you want to remember about the deceased, as well as what you would others to know. This is a concrete way to demonstrate your affection and/or respect for the person who has passed on.

Even if death is something that we may not all fully understand, everyone can understand a written or spoken tribute.


Writing things down is a well-known way to cope with stress or anxiety. This is why journaling is often recommended as a coping strategy. The act of writing down your feelings will help you to both identify them and come to terms with them.


If you write a tribute and either say it out loud to an audience or make it available for others to read, this is also a sign of respect to others that are also mourning the loss. A written tribute is a very personal way to honor the deceased. Anyone writing a tribute can feel like he or she took a big step in doing something to be proud of.

Whenever we do something that honors the dead, we are doing a good deed. Any of these good deeds can help a person grieve. A written tribute is one step in honoring those passed. We highly recommend writing a tribute even if no one besides yourself ever sees it. 

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