Why Some People Elect Not to Publish an Obituary

February 17th, 2023
Why Some People Elect Not to Publish an Obituary

At some point in your lifetime, you have probably heard that someone died and then looked online or in the newspaper for an obituary—and did not find one, even though you continued searching over several weeks. The fact is that some people do not publish an obituary, and in today’s blog article we are going to go over with you the reasons why.

Publishing an obituary is pretty easy, and a small one is often included in the package when you arrange for funeral services or cremation. The funeral home can even write a short one for the client and get it published for you. So, it does not have to be a painful exercise. But not everyone wants an obituary. Here are some of the reasons why that is.

Request of the Deceased

It is possible that the deceased person specifically asked ahead of time not to have an obituary. If this is the case, not publishing an obituary is just respecting the wishes of the deceased.

Age and Lifestyle of the Deceased

Sometimes if the deceased is quite elderly, those left behind may feel like there are not many people left who would read the obituary. It is entirely possible that most of the friends and family of the deceased are also deceased. In that case, people may choose not to bother with an obituary which is a public statement about the death.


Privacy is another big consideration. Often after death, families want privacy. They want to conduct private services and just do not want the types of communication and visits and cards and flowers that a published obituary can bring.

Obituaries are published either online or in a print newspaper or both. This relays the information to a wide public audience. For those who wish to grieve privately, the obituary is a nuisance.

There is no rule that an obituary is required after a death. It is common in our society in the western world, but it is not a necessity. If you do not want an obituary published for your loved one, then that is an easy request to fulfill. Just discuss it with your funeral arrangers.

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