Who Transports a Body to Where It Will Be Cremated?

May 20th, 2022
Who Transports a Body to Where It Will Be Cremated?

The law that governs the transportation of a dead body is provincial law. So, if a person dies in British Columbia, then BC law applies. If someone dies somewhere else in Canada, then other provincial laws may apply. If someone dies abroad, then one has to contact the federal government or a consular office for help. There are different laws that apply to transporting a body versus transporting cremains.

Within BC

Within BC, usually it is a funeral director or someone working for a funeral director who transports a body. If someone dies at home or in the hospital, usually the family contact the company that will be performing the cremation, and that company looks after transporting the body for cremation.

It is possible to apply for a special permit so that an individual or family member can transport a body to the funeral home.

If someone dies in a remote area, then emergency services can guide you as to how to go about transporting the body.

Outside of BC but Within Canada

Outside of BC but within Canada, again, emergency services can give you advice. You would have to decide if you wish to have the body transported back to BC for cremation or if you wish to perform cremation in another province and then transport the cremains.


The situation gets more complicated if someone dies abroad. A local consular office can help you, and it is possible to transport a body home, although different laws apply depending on where you are and how you do that. Different airlines, for example, have different rules. There would be certain documentation that is required for transporting either a body or cremains.

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