What Is Interment of Cremains (Ashes)?

April 16th, 2024
What Is Interment of Cremains (Ashes)?

Interment of ashes refers to the cremains being interred in a cemetery after cremation. There are many possibilities for what one may do with the cremains. In this blog article, we will mention a few of the most common choices.

Interment at a Cemetery

Some cemeteries have an area reserved for the scattering of cremains or a place where urns may be interred in a ground burial space or in a niche wall. This is something that has to be explored and dealt with by the family as each cemetery has its own protocols and requirements when interring cremains. The family will need to deal directly with the cemetery  with the fees associated with this choice.

Keeping Cremains at Home

Families sometimes wish to keep the cremains in an urn at home in a special place. There is no law preventing a family from keeping the urn at home.

Spreading/ Scattering Cremains/Ashes

Consult with your cremation provider on spreading ashes outside. In British Columbia, cremains may only be spread on private land if one has the permission of the land owner. It is also possible to spread ashes at sea, and there are companies that also offer this service for a fee. One may also scatter cremains in a public wilderness area.

Mailing Cremains

It is not difficult to mail cremains within Canada. There are certain rules to be respected, such as having the appropriate packaging, according to Canada Post regulations, and the certificate of cremation. Be sure to check on current requirements before mailing. Shipping cremains or traveling with them internationally becomes more complicated, and the rules vary with the destination and carrier. Check with the airport authority and the airlines. Certain countries forbid cremains to enter the country personally or at all. Check with the consulate prior to your departure.


One should not forget that respecting the wishes of the deceased is important, and there may be specific instructions that have been communicated before death concerning where the cremains should go. Also, keep in mind that some friends or family may wish to visit where the cremains rest, to pay respects.

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