Memory Boxes: Tangible Tributes to a Loved One

April 2nd, 2024
Memory Boxes: Tangible Tributes to a Loved One

One way to create a special, personal, and tangible tribute to a loved is the creation of a memory box. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about memory boxes and how to put one together. The memory box is way to keep a few items safe and dry and preserve them for the future.


Memory boxes can be any size. Often one would like to use something portable for holding only the most precious items. Only Cremations does offer Memory Box Urns which comes with a plastic urn to hold the cremains for burial or scattering. The Memory Box may be engraved with the person’s name or whatever reminds you of that person and is appropriately lined with a soft material such as velvet.

What Kind of Box

We are calling it a memory box, but it could be anything. You could use a memory box urn, as mentioned above, or a canister, dresser drawer, suitcase. However, a smaller decorative box is portable, so you could carry it to your patio or kitchen, for example, and easily take it out and then put it away as desired.

What to Include

The point of a memory box is to put in it items that remind you of your loved one. You could include things that the deceased valued or things that you value. Below is a list of some suggestions, but there is no rule about what to put in the box.

  • Photos
  • Jewelry
  • Medals from military service
  • A favorite poem or book
  • A dried flower from a bouquet
  • Favourite Pen
  • A recipe or favorite quote
  • CDs or tapes
  • Diary or journal
  • Newspaper clippings

What is important to understand is that the box is for you. Only you can decide what should go in it. The memory box can be one of several tools to help you cope with your grief. However, overall, it is a tangible way to store your memories.

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