Making Informed Decisions on Cremation and Funeral Costs

March 23rd, 2023
Making Informed Decisions on Cremation and Funeral Costs

Most of us need to give careful consideration to costs when planning a funeral. Occasionally the deceased sets aside money for a funeral, but that is more an exception than the rule. So, in today’s blog, we want to give you some ideas on the costs associated with a cremation and a funeral.


Cremation is much less expensive than a burial. That is because a simpler casket is used in cremation than what is typically chosen for a burial. However, you will still have to choose the casket for the cremation. In addition, a traditional burial often requires a headstone, which can be a big expense.

Then you have to choose what type of urn you want for the cremains. And you will need to decide if you are going to have a full-fledged funeral service complete with flowers and clergy. And if you are inviting people to gather afterwards, there will be the expense of food and drink.

The overall cost of the funeral will depend on all the choices you make, and you should discuss these with the funeral director or staff before you do anything or sign anything. So, before the cremation takes place, you will have a good idea of the cost, and you can make any changes necessary to adjust the cost up or down.

The biggest cost associated with any funeral is what you do about allowing others to gather, either at the funeral home or elsewhere. Food and drink and possibly flowers for decoration for a large number of people is not cheap, and you may want to delay this and turn it into a “celebration of life” at a later date.

Discuss all these details with your funeral home of choice before signing anything at the beginning. There should not be any surprises, and you are welcome to call us at Only Cremations (604) 861-9895 in Vancouver, and we would be happy to talk to you about cremation costs and assist you.


Only Cremations, based in Surrey, British Columbia, provides dignified and affordable cremation services. We believe every family deserves respect, reverence, and compassion. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about cremation services, please call or text (604) 861-9895.


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