How Many Types of Cremation Are There?

November 30th, 2021
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Cremation is a popular alternative to a traditional burial. Cremations are more affordable and provide additional customization options. There are two common types of cremation: flame and liquid.

Flame Cremation

With flame cremation, the body is placed in a specially designed chamber which uses high heat and flame to break down soft tissue, leaving behind only the skeletal remains.  These remains are then cooled and processed into “ashes.”  Flame cremation is quick and affordable with most cremations taking two to three hours.

Water Cremation

Water Cremation

Water cremation, or alkaline hydrolysis, uses a solution of water and potassium hydroxide to dissolve away soft tissue. The body is placed in a stainless steel, pressurized chamber into which the solution is added. The process can take six to twenty-four hours depending on the pressure and temperature used. Only the skeletal remains are left behind and these are processed just as with flame cremation. 

Currently, only flame cremation is approved in BC, although there is an effort to amend the Cremation, Interment, and Funeral Services Act to add water cremation to the list of approved disposition methods.

Why Choose Only Cremations?

Only Cremations values compassion, affordability, and respect. Our service covers everything needed for a simple, dignified, and peaceful cremation. Every funeral home offers cremation. However, few have their own local crematorium. and many are sending their deceased clients to Squamish, Vancouver Island, or Blaine, Washington for cremation. Always ask where your loved one will be cremated before choosing a funeral provider.

Only Cremations provides dignified and affordable cremation services. We believe every family deserves respect, reverence, and compassion. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about cremation services, please call (604) 861-9895.


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