Honouring a Life: The Importance of Memorial Services

May 27th, 2023
Honouring a Life: The Importance of Memorial Services

If you go back and study sociology or anthropology for hundreds or thousands of years, you will find that honouring the dead and holding some type of service for the deceased is well-engrained in our culture. So, while some persons elect to skip a memorial service, it remains a good idea and would be welcomed by the majority.

Why is a Memorial Service Important?

Memorial services allow friends and family to get together and talk about the deceased. People tell stories or sing songs, and generally see people they may not have seen in a long time. The service is a vehicle to help people remember and to process the death which will evolve into a grief that is long or short term.

The service shows individuals that they are not alone in their grief and provides the names and numbers of long-lost friends and relatives they can connect with in order to help heal their loneliness.

A Memorial service is the embodiment of proof that this person lived. Often at the end of it there remains a headstone or fieldstone or engraving of the deceased person’s name. There will be a symbolic representation of that person, now deceased. And that symbol may be something that others will want to revisit in the future.

The Memorial service doesn’t have to happen immediately. The service can be later, when more people can attend or the weather is better, for example.

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