Cost and Benefit Comparison of Cremation vs Burial

October 27th, 2023
Cost and Benefit Comparison of Cremation vs Burial

When there is a death, the loved ones have to choose between cremation and burial. In today’s blog article we are going to talk about how to compare cremation vs burial and compare the costs and benefits of each.

What the Deceased Wanted

If it is clear what the deceased person wanted, then family members would typically honour those wishes. Sometimes these wishes are mentioned in a will or memorandum accompanying a will, and sometimes these wishes are communicated clearly to the family one way or another before death.

However, often the wishes of the deceased are not clear. And this is when those left behind may want to explore how cremation compares to burial.


Cremation is always less expensive than burial. This is because cremation does not require a plot or a headstone. In addition, the caskets used for cremation are much simpler and lighter weight and less expensive.


If everyone in the deceased person’s family is buried in a particular cemetery, then you may lean toward burial. Sometimes the deceased person may have already purchased one or more plots in a cemetery. This biggest advantage of burial is that everyone will know where the remains are and where they will stay. Visiting a cemetery can be a comforting thing to some grief-stricken individuals.


Cremation is simpler. While it is necessary to wait 48 hours after death to perform cremation, the cremation can take place at any time after that. There is no need to arrange any kind of get-together, and no one will be present for the cremation.

A burial, on the other hand, can be a big production, in which the public can be alerted and a clergyperson may be needed to officiate. Burials can be private, too, but that is less common.

One of the big advantages of a cremation is the opposite of the burial. In the case of cremains, the ashes are portable. One can keep them, divide them between family members, or spread them at the location of your choice.

Cremation is becoming more and popular because of its simplicity and lower cost. Some religions may encourage cremation and others may encourage burial. Choosing between the two is a personal choice for families.

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