Can I Use My Own Flowers in a Funeral Service?

January 2nd, 2023
Can I Use My Own Flowers in a Funeral Service?

The answer to the question in the title of today’s blog article is “probably.” It is possible that some funeral homes have a relationship with a particular florist, but usually you can bring and send flowers from anywhere.

Visiting friends and relatives will arrange for flowers with all kinds of different florists and have them delivered to the funeral home for display either inside in their chapel—if there is a service—or outside at a graveside or mausoleum if there is no inside service.

Typically, the person arranging the funeral (and paying for it) can bring any flowers they want including fresh cut ones from your home garden if the flowers are appropriate.

Many people also send flowers to a Celebration of Life, and many more people will send flowers directly to the homes of the family left behind no matter what kind of funeral service you have.

Typically, after a funeral service in a chapel at a funeral home or in a church, the family takes home the flower arrangements after the service or may donate them to a hospital if they don’t want them to take home.

Flower protocol is something that should be discussed with the funeral home directly when the arrangements are being made. The staff can guide you on best practices, and help you make arrangements as needed. Some people arranging a funeral may be too broken up to manage too many tasks, in which case, the funeral home will help.

Often you may wind up with many more flowers than you want at the end, and then you and your family will decide how best to divide them up and put them to good use. 

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