Can I Get More Than One Urn?

September 27th, 2022
Can I Get More Than One Urn?

Sometimes when family members are preparing for the cremation of a loved one, the question arises about splitting up the ashes. Yes, funeral directors will divide the ashes for you into more than one urn.

Scattering cremains is probably the most common way that ashes are handled, but some people wish to scatter ashes in more than one place. Also, it is not uncommon for individuals to want to keep some ashes and perhaps divide them between family members.

It is always possible to divide ashes later on after they have been returned to you. However, you can arrange this up front before the cremation if you desire. Just be sure to communicate this to your cremation provider and select the number of urns that you require, so there is no confusion.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for cremains to be divided up or to ask for more than one urn. This is a common request to funeral directors. Some people even weigh the cremains upon division to be sure that each family member gets the same amount.

Keeping some small amount of ashes can help with the grief process. So, if that is something that you require, we will totally understand. If we are providing your cremation in British Columbia, then we will have no difficulty with this request.

If you have questions about cremation in British Columbia, or you need to arrange a cremation, please feel free to call us at Only Cremations at (604) 861-9895 in Vancouver, and we can help.

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