5 Tips for Personalizing a Funeral Service

April 25th, 2024
5 Tips for Personalizing a Funeral Service

When faced with planning a funeral service, you may want to personalize it as much as possible and wonder how to do that. In today’s blog article, we want to offer you some ideas on how to personalize a funeral service.

Wishes of the Deceased

It is best to respect the wishes of the deceased, if you know what they are. Some people communicate clearly what they want for a funeral service in detail long before they die. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. Some may say something in passing.


If you are going to have a service we recommend arranging this to be held in a club house in a condominium complex, community hall or contacting a funeral home.  Community halls and funeral homes will have equipment to play music.  If you are holding the service in a club house then you will need a WiFi speaker to play music from your phone or laptop. It is also possible to have live music, if you wish. If the deceased had specific taste in music, then you will want to select music that reflects their persona, with his or her favourites.


Flowers always add to offering some peace and calming to your surroundings.  They are  especially appropriate for someone who was an avid gardener or who loved flowers. Maybe the deceased particularly loved a specific flower or even a certain colour. These are some touches that reflect the deceased’s taste.


If there is a service, then having a good speaker or two is always a good idea. You will want to  choose a speaker who knew the deceased well and is also articulate. That person can relate stories which lend a very personal touch. You want someone who can lead your ceremony without any hesitation and have a good flow to your service.


Are you serving food? If so, consider the likes of the person who is departed. Maybe they loved a certain food or dessert that you want included. You may not want this kind of gathering until a later date at a celebration of life, and that is okay, too.

Personal Interests

There is no limit to how you can personalize a funeral. If the person had a special hobby or interest, then there will be countless ways that you can emphasize that.

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