Only Cremations - About Us

What We Stand For:

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Reverence
  • Compassion

Mission Statement

  • To serve every family with respect, reverence, and compassion.
  • To provide personal service while offering practical and affordable solutions.
  • To be culturally sensitive to the needs of all faiths.

Our Logo

Only Cremations Logo Icon

Our logo has two elements: the Circle and the Eagle


The circle represents the “Circle of Life”.  This term, made famous by the Disney Film, The Lion King, is symbolic of the endless cycle of life and death. We are born, we live, we die, and the process is repeated with the next generation.


The eagle is universally recognized as a symbol of strength. For many cultures, the eagle also has religious significance. For those of the Jewish and Christian faiths, the eagle is often used as a metaphorical reference to God. Among indigenous people, eagles are considered messengers of the Great Spirit. The eagle also figures prominently in the mythologies of ancient Greece, Sumer, and the Roman Empire.

Our Staff

Ron Lund, Funeral Director